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Wedding accessories wholesale from the manufacturer “Nelly White”

The wedding image consists not only of a magnificent dress, stylish makeup and hairstyle, it should be supplemented with a veil, a petticoat or other important elements. Some  elements brides can buy later, however accessories should be purchased with the dress. Manufacturer “Nelly White”  welcomes you to purchase wedding accessories wholesale. We produce and sale  wedding dresses in bulk, and therefore we know exactly how to correctly complement the fective image of the bride and what accessories should be present in the outfit  of the bride and groom.

The most popular wedding accessories

Any bride should remember that without accessories the image will be incomplete, and that fact would be  noticed by guests. It is important to pay attention to details which will help to create a perfect image showing the wonderful  feelings of the bride, and also talk about how important this day is for a couple in love.

Among the most popular wedding accessories are:

Many wedding dresses are available complete with a veil, we produce both outfits and accessories to them. The  designers of our factory choose the best fabrics, European expensive accessories, and create stylish and aesthetic products for wholesale orders. We give you the opportunity to inexpensively purchase romantic and delicate attributes to complement the wedding look. Customer care is our first goal, and therefore our skilled designers fulfill the desires of modern brides and produce really delicate and elegant wedding accessories for them.

Wedding veils wholesale

The veil of the bride is an important part of the wedding attire which  has considerable success with buyers. Buying wedding veils wholesale is a profitable and optimal solution for salons and shops in the wedding industry. This accessory acts as a symbol of the innocence and purity of the girl in the image of the bride; and if you choose it according to the type of fabric and color it will become a luxurious completion of the wedding dress and help to decorate the hairstyle.

An exclusive veil with embroidery or lace from a famous brand will be the best option for those customers who follow traditions and cannot do without such a design attribute in their appearance. The manufacturer's online store “Nelly White” offers to browse the catalog of stylish and aesthetic accessories for brides made of light  fabrics.

Wedding petticoats wholesale

Wedding accessories can be bought on our website at reasonable prices.For an order you can contact our managers to consider further  terms of cooperation. Also, you can buy wedding petticoats wholesale. We will delight you with quality crinoline products, which bestows volume to the dress and make the image of the bride more  exquisite and romantic.

Those girls who prefer the A-silhouette, need a petticoat with two or three rings. It is made in the form of a wide underskirt using volumetric rings that bestows the  necessary volume to dress. It is impossible to create the necessary volume without a petticoat therefore a crinoline for a wedding dress is an indispensable thing for the bride.

The number of rings in the petticoat can vary from 1 to 9, we are ready to offer wholesale customers variable products from crinoline. We produce modern wedding accessories for salons and shops, you can buy them in Ukraine and abroad with  worldwide shipping.

A wide range of online store “Nelly White”

The company produces wedding attributes and can offer you to buy wedding accessories wholesale  in various color and style combinations. At the same time, the brand delivers the goods  in large quantities on favorable terms. The catalog assortment includes not only a veil or a fabric mesh with rings but  customers can also buy wedding dresses wholesale for their wedding salon or store. Modern fashion for brides does not have a clear framework, and therefore our products will become a luxurious and variable decision for any lady.

Cooperation with us is the key to the incredible success of your business. Сollaboration with our designers will bring success to the business and help to increase the profitability of the salon. We have established production, high-quality tailoring of dresses and accessories to them, modern cutting technologies and unique designs. We offer you  both large and small wholesale. We know how to increase the attractiveness of the salon business in the wedding industry. Browse our catalog of models online and place your order!



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