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Crinoline petticoats for puffy wedding dresses

A classic wedding outfit is a voluminous or A-line dress that attracts the eyes of the guests, decorated with stylish and bright elements. It is such an outfit that will definitely make every bride a true holiday queen. However in order for the chosen outfit to look harmoniously and attractively , you will need petticoats for wedding dresses. Nelly White factory is a reliable and widely known in Ukraine producer of dresses and wedding accessories on wholesale.

Wedding petticoats bestow the right shape on puffy dress

A wedding dress with a puffy skirt or voluminous folds should look beautiful, for this a crinoline petticoat is used; it creates the support for the skirt and bestows a more festive look on the bride's outfit. Rings for a wedding dress help to keep the correct shape of the dress, regardless of how lush the wedding dress is.
In our catalog you will be able to to choose and order a petticoat with a different number of rings to support the dress. Products from Nelly White will help shape the hem of the dress, provide the lady with comfortable movement and make the outfit more airy and weightless. We offer you a large assortment of crinoline, which is a necessary wedding accessory for any salon or store. Crinoline will look advantageous with a fitted dress, in which only the bottom expands. The right number of rings bestows the perfect shape on outfit highlighting its excellence. This is a practical option for any wedding dress, thanks to which its looks truly impeccable.
Many ladies of fashion prefer ball gown wedding dresses with a layered decorated skirt with a train and a long white veil. However only rings for wedding dresses can give appropriate forms to such a dress and bestow efficiency and magnificence on the dress.
The petticoat is made of strength fabric; it is usually stretch fabric mesh with plastic rings. Choosing this accessory, the style of dress should be taken into account. If you choose the correct petticoat, you can adjust the women’s shape, highlighting the merits of appearance.

The number of rings on the wedding petticoat

A different number of rings is necessary in order to get the different volume of the skirt. One ring is suitable for those models that do not require a large volume, for example, options with a straight silhouette. Crinoline on 2 rings will be optimal for dresses with an average volume of A-type. Dresses can be designed for bigger volume of skirt: for 3 rings, for 5 rings, for 7 rings, you can also order a petticoat for 9 rings. The choice of crinoline depends purely on the style and volume of the outfit.
The petticoat which should be worn under models of tulle but without a frame has particular advantages for a wedding dress with ruffles
Plastic rings with a fabric mesh and ruffles bestow the volume on the outfit.
A special fabric mesh with flexible rings is not a required element of the image of the bride 2020, however it bestows a different shape on the fabric and will allow the bride to move easily wearing a voluminous dress.

Wedding petticoats wholesale - high quality from Nelly White

Reliable and trusted brand Nelly White offers to buy high-quality puffy petticoats on wholesale. Our designers are ready to offer customers an excellent assortment of crinoline petticoats for wedding dresses at a bargain price. Therefore it is important to choose suitable accessory to ensure that the dress looks perfect. Coming to your salon, ladies will be able to choose the best product for themselves that will suit them in cost and in silhouette.
Our well-established production allows us to produce goods in any quantity; we offer to buy petticoats (Ukraine) from a high-quality factory, where modern tailoring technologies are followed, the best materials and accessories are selected and the needs and convenience of the bride are taken into account. Are you looking for the best offer to buy wholesale petticoats? Our brand provides customers with high quality products, a wide range and pleasant terms for cooperation with the company. In addition you can buy wedding dresses from us on wholesale with delivery in Ukraine or abroad.


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