Fashionable wedding dresses 2020: current styles, colors and decor

Wedding fashion for wedding dresses is quite changeable and selective. It's an art to be in fashion, to bestow something new on the wedding style every year in the wake of fashion trends, bringing something new on the traditional silhouettes. Trendy wedding dresses 2020 have already managed to present many brands, including Nelly White.

Trendy wedding dresses 2020 from Nelly White TM

In the upcoming season, Nelly White pleases future brides with romantic images that are created by a combination of interesting fabrics, recognized silhouettes and unusual decor. And, of course, the dress created with using the latest technologies, delights with perfect close fit styles. A dress like that bestows magnificence and brilliance not only on the bride, but also on the groom, emphasizing his good eye and prosperity.

In the new collection of wedding dresses 2020 we have presented a wide variety of corsets: lace, with embroidery, with voluminous decor. In addition, the shoulder and neckline part of the dress are remarkable: sleeves with uncovered shoulders, a bodice on the straps. Chiffon wide sleeves on cuffs or an uncovered shoulder decorated with strands of beads look very romantic.

The catalog of our company has detailed descriptions of models and photos for them, which will help to make an order remotely. For her partners Nelly White company, as usual, prepared interesting offers for wholesale purchases. On our website you will be able to buy wedding dresses on wholesale and successfully replenish your offer for brides with new trends. 

fashionable wedding dress 2020

Fashionable styles of wedding dresses 2020

This season of wedding fashion gave to the world a lot of collections with 3-d decor. It looks very delicate and will be a great decoration for the upcoming celebration.

Fashion trends for wedding dresses 2020 presented a few more new products:

- Feathers. This trend has not gone out of fashion for the second season. The idea makes the outfit weightless and light, which will bestow a special charm on the bride.
- Cape. An alternative if the bride does not want to wear a veil. This will help to add modesty and tenderness to the image.
- Mini dresses are stylish outfits for the young bride.A lady who does not plan a magnificent celebration, but wants to look great might be interested in such variant of dresses.
A bride dressed in trousers is completely non-standard decision, however this year's trends recommend paying attention to this option. In the new season, designers have created many wedding pantsuit. The collections also include a variety of overalls.

The most fashionable wedding dresses 2020 are presented in the following popular models:

- Voluminous outfit. In the collection 2020 from Nelly White there are a lot of magnificent dresses.They are created in order to emphasize the magnificence and luxury of celebration. They look great even without decor. On the catwalks you will be able to see interesting options with hand-embroidery, frills and voluminous details.
- Dress with removable sleeves. This image looks especially romantic. There are a lot of such models in the collections of the new season, and every girl can choose something to her liking.
- Lace dress. For several seasons in a row such outfit are trendy. The new season was no exception, because such dresses of the bride really look great. Dresses of the “mermaid” or “princess” style, made of lace fabrics undoubtedly attract attention of the brides.


Color Trends

In addition to the classic white color, the bride can choose another one. In 2020, designers offer to give preference to marshmallow colors. Nude shades are also recommended. Many fashion designers presented their collections in such a color palette, it looks delicate and emphasizes the beauty of the bride.

Fresh decor ideas

We can say that the fashion for wedding dresses 2020 was created by an unusual decor. Here are the most common techniques for decorating products:

- These are bodices made of lace or embroidery, trimmed with beads;
- unusual sleeves - sometimes completely transparent, on which the embroidered pattern looks elegant;
- decoration of any elements of the product can be made with flowers, strands of beads or beads, bows and ribbons that beautifully shade, for example, a shoulder or hairstyle;
-a belt focusing on the waist can be made of tape or belt, which looks quite unusual;
- Cape instead of a traditional veil.
Any purchased item can then be decorated to your liking, giving it exclusivity.


Buy fashionable wedding dresses on wholesale

It's a good time to make an order for wedding dresses on wholesale from the manufacturer Nelly White. Many bridal salons are already looking for new partners and conclude cooperation agreements.

The production of trendy wedding dresses requires a planned approach. Factories at the beginning of cooperation with customers to sign a contract for the production of the required amount of goods, and then, according to the agreed plan, tailor the products and arrange delivery to the salons.

A wedding is really one of the most important event in a lady’s life, therefore there are a lot of points to consider to obtain the perfect image of the bride. Having established cooperation with the manufacturer Nelly White you will be able to offer your beautiful clients exactly the wedding dress they dream about.



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