The history of the wedding dress | How the wedding gown has changed

The traditional white dress that we see now hasn't always been like that. The history of the wedding dress began back in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria put on the dress with crinoline to marry Prince Albert. Further, wedding dresses began to actively modify and it would be interesting to trace their evolution.

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The wedding dress allows people to identify who is the bride, the welfare of the her familly and therefore every lady wanted to look beautifully, regardless of her status. How has wedding fashion changed over the last 100 years? Just compare wedding dresses 2020 and popular gowns of the twentieth century. It is worth comparing wedding dresses 2020 with those dresses that were popular in the last century.

Until the early 20th century it was more common to choose the most expensive dress therefore brides gave preference to any dress of precious fabrics to show the high status of their families. Bridal gowns were not just white but other colours too.

Trendy wedding dresses in the early 20th century

The traditional wedding dress of the early 20th century had usually covered décolleté, Empire waist, was floor-length and was complemented by the veil with tiara and some interesting details that embellished bridal outfit. In the 1920s hat with the veil and necklace were in fashion.

At the beginning of the 20th century, wedding dresses lost their former splendor, previously traditional corsets receded into the background, giving way to outfits of a straight cut. Ladies began to choose dresses without much pomp, but tailored in accordance with the latest fashion.
After the First World War ended Coco Chanel completely modified the wedding fashion trends and transformed silhouettes. These changes were focused on a highlighting the merits of appearance and had a big effect among women.

Coco Chanel's input to development of the bridal style

The legendary Coco Chanel started creating completely new wedding dresses in the first half of the 20th century. She introduced new concepts to global trends and offered a wider range of models to ladies. Her goal was to create comfortable outfits that differ by perfect fit, elegant decoration and soft fabric.

Thanks to her efforts, we have the next silhouette of wedding dresses:

  • sheath dresses for active ladies;
  • classic floor-length models of chiffon, silk and satin with stylish embroidery, drapery or lace;
  • laconic dresses of a straight cut;
  • models with feather decor;
  • short outfits with a long veil-train, which are a kind of calling card of a famous fashion designer.

This great lady had her own opinion on fashion and offered incredible decisions to ladies around the world. Having figured out how the fashion for wedding dresses has changed, you should understand that Coco was able to change the mood of ladies by opening a wide range of dresses before them. In 30 years of the last century, the Chanel fashion house surprised the whole world with exquisite outfits.

Fashion for short wedding dresses and stockings

Short wedding dresses with stockings which had successfully captured the hearts of many ladies were also in fashion in the first half of the 20th century.These unusual at the time wedding outfits attracted the attention of audacious brides. Ladies had a desire to show their legs and go against the tradition.
The fashion for wedding dresses even at that time was very bright and varied. Although short models were chosen only by audacious ladies, a lot of brides tried to show their ankles. The dresses with an asymmetrical hem which passes into the train were also in demand. They looked more festive and were a great decision for the wedding.

The development of bridal fashion after Second World War and in the 1950s

If in the 1940s laconic and modest models prevailed, but in the 1950s the famous Christian Dior returned to fashion crinoline which bestows delicacy and magnifice on the bridal look. This silhouette quickly became the main trend. A flared skirt gained popularity and became the optimal decision for most brides in the 1950-1960s. After that, the development of wedding fashion began.

It was during this time that the white wedding dress appeared; its history began the in the West. These outfits became popular through the combining silk or satin with lace or guipure. The dresses were luxurious and delicate but required fresh interesting notes therefore designers began gradually to create sleeveless dresses and ones with uncovered shoulders.


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