TOP 5 tips for choosing a wedding manufacturer in Ukraine for salons

A wedding salon is a profitable but difficult business, which should be focused on clients and customers with different preferences.

The mood of fabulousness and the upcoming holiday always prevails in the salon or shop with wedding dresses.
Wedding manufacturers in Ukraine whose products will be further presented in the assortment of the store should be selected before starting such a business.

Criteria for choosing a reliable wedding dress manufacturer

To find a trusted and reliable manufacturer, it is worth taking into account a number of factors

  • -  The quality of fabrics and decor, texture of fabrics, color variations;
  • - Used technologies of tailoring;
  • - Styles of dresses and their relevance;
  • - Assortment of models;
  • - Price policy;
  • - Terms of purchase and cooperation with the brand;
  • - Loyalty of the seller;
  • - Maintenance and service, interaction with managers;
  • - Value for money;
  • - The discount system.

Each owner of the wedding business wants to collect in his store the best models that will be highly appreciated by customers and will help create an incredible image for the celebration.

Manufacturer Nelly White in Chernivtsi is just one of those companies that are talked about in the market for wedding dresses. Our brand is in great demand among modern salons and has an excellent reputation in the world of wedding fashion.
Wedding dresses for offtake from the manufacturer are created by experienced designers who possess knowledge of of world trends and take into account the needs of modern brides. But not every owner understands why he should value the supplier of wedding dresses, according to what criteria it is worth choosing a manufacturer and what further forecasts of the profitability of cooperation will be.

Features of wedding manufacturers: foreign and domestic

You can come across a huge assortment of brands in the world wedding fashion market. Most companies offer wedding collections, which are in fashion and meet the requirements of consumers.Festive outfits are created taking into account the time-of-year, seasonal, and relevant fabrics.
Many foreign brands hold special exhibitions of their models, which are then talked about in the world of high fashion.The most profitable deals are often concluded on the delivery of products to stores or salons at such events. However, it is important to understand that not a single foreign brand will present to the salons all sizes of all models of dresses due to low profitability. They work only on demand.
European brands work on a different principle - they provide certain options for dresses in one size, and the customer further indicates what sizes of dresses he needs - the company fulfills his order and delivers only models and sizes chosen by the client to the salons.
In recent years, the domestic wedding dress markets aslo have changed their focus and decided to work towards Europe.

These outfits are often presented at online exhibitions at B2B international exhibitions, which has become excellent support for domestic wedding manufacturers (wholesale). Ukrainian manufacturers have successfully entered the international market and sell products in many countries of the world, including and our company Nelly White.

Steps for finding a wedding dress supplier

You don't know how to find a wedding dress supplier? We offer the following steps:

  • - Acquaintance with the assortment of outfits and their evaluation;
  • - Familiarization with the price;
  • - Upcoming recommendations  on the selection of goods from managers;
  • - A detailed review of the terms of cooperation with the customer;
  • - Definition of a number of necessary styles and fabrics;
  • - Explore possibilities of individual product ordering;
  • - Clarification of delivery conditions.

Why would cooperation with the manufacturer Nelly White be better for you?

A wedding manufacturer in Chernivtsi Nelly White is well known to wedding salons for their unique products.

The assortment of the brand includes the best dress models, which makes cooperation with Nelly White successful and beneficial for both parties.
We offer you quality goods at loyal prices that will bring your customers a lot of ​​of high emotions and make the celebration even more joyful and bright.
The managers of our company are always ready to offer the customer comfortable conditions, give advice on the selection of models. You get exclusive wedding dresses of the manufacturer in Chernivtsi at more attractive prices and in short delivery times, preferring the goods of our brand. Nelly White thoroughly knows the needs of modern Ukrainian brides, so rely on us and you will replenish the assortment of your salon with the best models.



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