How to determine the quality of wedding dresses when buying wholesale

The world of wedding fashion offers every bride an incredibly huge selection of dresses and accessories. High-quality wedding dresses in the assortment of your salon will help satisfy the desires of any customer and successfully develop your business.

As a manufacturer, Nelly White knows everything about every step of making great wedding dresses. We are ready to share our secrets to help you choose high-quality products for your salon.

How to check the quality of tailoring a wedding dress?

Why do designer dresses look unsurpassed and make a real delight? It is all about professional and careful approach to creating of dresses. This is what allows you to get high-quality wedding dresses. But not all manufacturers are willing to spend "extra" time on this.


Therefore, it is important for a customer to be able to distinguish high quality tailoring of wedding dresses from a low one. There are several tricks that help you to choose the right dress.

  1. A wedding dress fabric is perhaps one of the main issues. Synthetic materials are uncomfortable and not very pleasant to the body. A wedding dress made from 100% natural fabrics will not keep shape and look. Therefore, it is better to choose wedding dresses with a ratio of natural and synthetic fabrics 70% to 30%. For example, high-quality minimalist satin wedding dresses will definitely be able to impress your customers.
  2. If there is a decor with rhinestones and you can see glue marks, feel free to put off such a dress. Indeed, in order to provide future brides with a truly sophisticated look, accessories must be appropriate. The Nelly White brand sews each item manually.
  3. Boho, ethno and classic wedding dress models are difficult to imagine without lace. The whole appearance of a dress depends on its quality. Visible threads are the first sign of a manufacturer’s dishonesty.
  4. Another indicator of a great wedding dress - it is even seams. Messy seams can spoil even the most beautiful dress. 
  5. Pay attention to the dress color. Various shades of wedding dresses are popular this season. Cream, blush, lavender and even mint dresses can be found in the collections of world designers. It is the authenticity of the shades that speaks of the good quality of the fabrics.

Knowing only these criteria, you can already choose good quality wedding dresses and gain the trust of your customers.

Signs of a high-quality wedding dress

A wide range of wedding dresses of the highest quality can satisfy the desires of every customer. After all, such outfits sit better and emphasize the beauty of future brides.



Dresses with flaws in tailoring or style will not be able to create a truly charming image. Then what is a high-quality wedding dress?

  • Made of soft-touch fabric. It looks nice and does not crease.

  • Applications, beads, stones and other decorative elements are sewn by hand.

  • Lining in lush dresses does not stick to the legs and creates a beautiful shape.

  • All the edges are nicely worked, seams are even.

Having a wide selection of such wedding dresses, you can effortlessly choose the right wedding outfit for each bride.

What else to look for when choosing a wholesale supplier?

Since you will order dresses for a wedding salon in bulk, you must be sure of your supplier. In addition to the wedding dress quality, it is also worth taking a closer look at the assortment.


After all, having exclusively stylish and original models in your salon, you can achieve success.

Check out the experience of your future supplier in the wedding market. Rich experience means responsibility of the manufacturer and the trust of his customers.

Find out all about production, pricing and delivery conditions. By the way, some suppliers offer their regular customers very favorable discounts.

Remember, the quality of wedding dresses directly depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, do not rush to decide which producer to choose. First, study the market and all kinds of offers.

The manufacturer Nelly White guarantees the high-quality tailoring

Creative designers work on creating of sophisticated, stylish and original wedding dresses. Skilled professionals embody the best ideas of our designers.


That is why, the quality Nelly White production is always at the highest level. Thanks to modern equipment, we carry out any orders for our customers on time.

We are in constant contact with our customers. Therefore, you can order wedding dresses in bulk from the manufacturer at any time convenient for you.

Take care of the quality development of your wedding business with a reliable manufacturer Nelly White.


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