The most beautiful wedding dresses with a train from Nelly White

The train is one of the most spectacular elements of a wedding dress. It bestows aristocracy, chic and elegance on the outfit. Many brides dream of such a wedding attire and how to to walk down the aisle in front of the amazed guests and the groom, admiring her beauty. 

The catalog of the Nelly White brand presents the most beautiful wedding dresses with a train, in each of which the brides will be special. This is a successful combination of stylish external appearance of the product with thoughtful design, due to which our outfits are very lightweight and convenient. We offer shops and salons of wedding dresses to buy wedding dresses online with removable and integral trains, because none of the ladies planning her long-awaited wedding will pass by such models.

A little of history

Agnes Sorel who was the favorite of the King of France Charles VII himself first presented the train of the dress. Despite the fact that the representatives of the church called this innovation "the devil's tail", the ladies could not forget about such an exquisite and spectacular outfit. The church turned out to be powerless against the desire of ladies to get it in their wardrobe; therefore wedding dresses with a train quickly became popular not only in France, but also far beyond the country.

Types of trains of wedding dresses

Today the manufacturer Nelly White offers the wide range of amazing dresses for brides with the following types of hem:

  1. - Removable train is a very practical element that can be detached from the dress at will. A lady will be able to get two outfits in one. The assortment includes a mermaid dress with a voluminous chantilly lace top, to which a delicate long train is attached at the waist. A wedding dress with uncovered shoulders and a floor-length train looks no less elegant.

  2. - One-piece train cannot be removed and is a continuation of the skirt but the lady will be able to choose the optimal length and shape for herself.
  • - Skirt with lining is a good idea if you are interested in wedding dresses with a long train, because they keep their shape well and do not need to be constantly corrected to take another photo.
  • - Skirt without lining is a delicate and lightweight model which allows to take amazing photos in the open air because skirt will be hanging beautifully in the wind. That dress would be the hit of celebration. A combination of a train with sequin lace, embroidered with ribbon and gracefully uncovered shoulders look quite grandiosely.

Advantages of wedding dresses with a train

Whether it's a wedding dress with a small train or a bridal outfit with a short hem, each option makes the bride’s look unusual, unique and attractive. It is impossible to look away from such beauty. 


Attractive design is far from the only significant advantage of such an element of the image; it has a lot of other pluses such as:

  • - visual lengthening of the figure, due to which it becomes even more graceful and slimmer;
  • - the existence of a special loop for convenient  attachment the hem to the hand - many models have such an auxiliary element, which is especially important for models with a long bottom;
  • -the opportunity to repeat a frame from the movie when the children are carrying the train of the bride heading towards the altar;
  • -you can try yourself in the role of a real princess by  recreating the image of Kate Middleton, Princess Diana or Princess Beatrix.

Wedding photos with the bride in gorgeous dress with amazing train are very touching. Choosing dress with removable train the lady will be able to get the photo shoot in different look. Wedding photos with the bride in gorgeous dress with amazing train are very touching. Choosing dress with removable train the lady will be able to get the photo shoot in different look. Replenishing your range with goods of Nelly White company you can be confident that your business will be successful. 

Wedding dress with the longest train in the world

As they say in England: "The longer the train of the future wife, the stronger and happier their union with her husband will be. It is clear that that folk saying does not appear without reason. The proof of this is the wedding dress with the longest train that is registered in the Guinness World Records. Its length was 3 kilometers! Elena de Angelis from Naples who showed off her spectacular outfit is the happiest wife in the world.
Wedding looks from Nelly White are an interesting design decision for all times. In every corner of the planet, ladies say "Yes", standing next to their fiance in snow-white attire with a descending hem. This moment will forever be captured in photos and videos, therefore it must be perfect, because this is a memory for a lifetime.

Partnership with Nelly White

Nelly White is modern textured fabrics, the highest quality of tailoring through the use of innovative technologies and exceptional, stunning design of the dresses. Furthermore, Nelly White company offers favorable terms of cooperation, reasonable prices and excellent service. By purchasing wedding dresses from us wholesale you will be able to improve your business, expand your client base and stand out noticeably from your competitors. A nice bonus is a 3% discount for purchases of 10 dresses and 5% for 20 outfits.
Register as wholesale buyers, call, send an e-mail or an online application and get stylish wedding dresses with a train within the next 10-15 days from the date of payment.



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