Fitted wedding dresses: the best model for a wedding salon

A beautiful, sophisticated, and most importantly trendy wedding dress does not always have a full skirt. This season, many designers focus on fitting wedding dresses. Thanks to the special cut, the fitted dress will favorably emphasize the beauty of a bride.

Moreover, girls in these dresses look really amazing. The Nelly White brand offers salons and boutiques to buy stunning fitted wedding dresses wholesale at affordable prices in our online store.

Fitted wedding dresses can be completely different in style. For example, a fitted closed dress in minimalistic style is often made of silk. But lace is suit perfect to ethnic style.

Popular models of fitted dresses

Beautiful fitted wedding dresses are especially popular among celebrities. This type of a wedding dress was chosen by Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian. The first bride chose a form-fitting, sleeveless wedding dress, while the second chose an outfit with a closed top. A-line and Mermaid silhouettes perfectly emphasize the body lines.

The Nelly White brand knows why these silhouettes attract much attention of girls. And we are ready to share this with you.

  1. -¬†A-line silhouette. These dresses fit to most body types. In contrast to the full models, the A-line wedding dress will¬†highlight¬†the refined lines of the bride's body.¬† Despite the fact that this style is often confused with the ‚Äúmermaid‚ÄĚstyle, they are different.
  2. - Mermaid (Fishtail) style. A fitted top and a skirt that extends from the knees are the main characteristics of this shape. Like the previous style, it fits most body types: "hourglasses" will be able to emphasize a thin waist, and  “triangles " will be able to balance the proportions.
  3. - Sheath. Often, wedding dresses of this type are short. However, due to the universal cut, any bride will look gorgeous.

Long fitted wedding dresses with train

A dress train makes the whole image more elegant and truly royal. Fritted wedding dresses are a vivid example. Moreover, a long train paired with a long veil will help create an elegant and feminine image.



Also, this dress will look amazing with a restrained closed top and an open neckline. Pay attention to the shoulders and sleeves. After all, fitted wedding dresses with open shoulders are more suitable for a summer ceremony. A dress with long sleeves will be appropriate during a wedding in the cold season.

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Lace wedding dresses in fitted style

Modern designers use lace not only to decorate individual elements of the dress, but also for its tailoring as a main material. Most often, it is used to create dresses of the Fishtail style.



If your customers are looking for such dresses, you should pay attention to the fact that our dresses have a perfect fit. Therefore, your customers will be satisfied.

Fitted wedding dresses are often supplemented with various cutouts on the back. This design solution adds piquancy to the wedding image.

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Profitable cooperation with an experienced manufacturer of wedding dresses

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