What are the types of veils? Types of wedding veil by length and type

For a bride, the choice of wedding accessories is just as important as choosing the dress itself. After all, every detail of a wedding outfit should complement the whole image.

Veil is a traditional bridal attribute. However, the types of wedding veils surprise with their variety. For example, the veil to the elbow will look harmonious with the lush A-silhouette models. While, a lace veil will be perfect for a dress in the "boho" style. That's why having a wide range of this classic bridal accessories in the salon or boutique will help to satisfy more wishes of your clients.

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Veil length and its meaning

Despite all the traditions, modern brides have long been willing to experiment with its size. After all, now this accessory is a complement to a romantic bridal image. However, it is important to choose the veil to the dress to maintain one style and make a successful right emphasis.  

Elbow veil

This style is considered one of the most popular. Such a veil will look good with different silhouettes of wedding dresses. Therefore, you will be able to offer this accessory as brides who prefer lush wedding dresses, and girls who chose a straight cut. 



Fingertip veil

The length of a veil can vary and ends at elbow, hand or fingertip level. And thanks to this, the bride looks particularly refined and feminine. Like the previous style, the veil fits most wedding dresses to the fingertips. Which, in turn, delights future brides.



Long veil

This kind of wedding veil has many options. After all, its length can be as long as the shin, or the floor. To make the image of a bride more elegant, long veil is better combined with a wedding dress in the style of minimalism.



Train veil

This veil is often used to create a truly royal image. By the way, Princess Diana's veil was over 7 metres long. Such a wedding accessory can be a great accent on the outfit. Its hem is often decorated with embroidery and lace, and the length of thea trail also varies greatly. In 2020, the veil remains an important part of the whole outfit. And designers pay particular attention to its decoration. 



Wedding veils: main options

In 2020, veil remains an important part of the whole bridal outfit. And the designers pay special attention to its decoration. And its length is not the only indicator of the diversity of this accessory. After all, there are the following types of veils for brides:

  1. - "Juliet's cap" is an option for extraordinary brides. Its decor may include lace, flowers and stones. Especially advantageous such a veil looks in wedding dresses in the style of ethno.

  2. - Birdcage veil is made of thin tulle or netting. Such a short veil covers a part of the face and makes the image more mysterious.

  3. - Blusher. This veil helps to create a light and romantic image. Brides use part of the veil to cover the face at the beginning of the ceremony. Later on, she is thrown back, making the veil itself a two-layer veil.

  4. - Fingertip veil. With its semicircular shape, it creates a stunning view of the veil from behind. It's as if the fine folds of the fan decorate the bride's head and smoothly fall down. The length of this veil can reach the hips, but there are also short models.

  5. - The Spanish veil, also known as the mantilla, used to be popular with Spanish brides. However, now girls from all over the world like this style. The special cut of the wedding veil allows wearing it only in one layer. But, thanks to the delicate lace around the edges, brides look incredibly graceful in it.

  6. - The Ballet veil is a long veil that doesn't make you uncomfortable. It fits perfectly with wedding dresses, with or without a trail.

  7. - The floor-length veil will help to create an elegant, aristocratic look. This veil is often decorated with lace and embroidery. And fastened to the top of the bride, which allows you to choose an original high hairstyle.

  8. - Cathedral veil length can reach 3.5 meters. It looks great and makes the bride even more fragile. However, in such a veil, you should be careful and careful.


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