Стили свадебных платьев в эксклюзивных коллекциях «Nelly White»

While searching for a perfect wedding dress, girls pay attention not only to its style, but also to the style of the whole outfit. After all, the dress should look harmoniously both with the costume of the groom, and with the overall design.

That is why the wedding dress manufacturer Nelly White offers a huge selection of luxury wedding dresses in absolutely different styles. Thus, future customers of your salon or store will definitely find the dress they have dreamed about. The most popular styles of wedding dresses are presented in our online catalog in a wide variety. Buy wedding dresses in bulk on our website you can right now, for this you need to register as our wholesale buyer.

Luxurious ballroom dresses for real princesses

One of the most classic variants among the styles of wedding dresses is ballroom. A fitted corset and an incredibly lush skirt are some of its main features.




Also, it is worth paying attention to the fact that for the manufacture of such dresses our masters use absolutely different fabrics. After all, a multilayered lush skirt does not necessarily have to be made exclusively of tulle. So, for example, we also choose:

  • taffeta;
  • chiffon;
  • satin;
  • organza.

To make bride feel comfortable throughout the evening, often use a special frame. Thanks to it, the shape of the skirt is preserved.

When offering girls such a wedding dress, pay attention to her body and height. After all, despite the fact that the narrow top and volumetric bottom can balance the figure and create a more refined silhouette, girls of low height with lush forms should look at other options.

Sophisticated A-line silhouette dresses 

A-line silhouette wedding dress  - is the version that will easily emphasize femininity and sophistication of the bride-to-be. With the help of a fitting cut, in such a dress you can make a favorable emphasis on the waist, chest and hips of the bride.

This dress looks great with different fabrics. Often there are models made of satin or silk. And this season, more and more designers create lace models, use a variety of lace to sew the whole dress, not just as a decoration.



In addition, the skirt parted from the hip, not from the knee, as in the version with a dress "mermaid", will not constrain movement while walking and dancing. It is incredibly feminine, and at the same time convenient, the variant of wedding dress.

Boho wedding dresses: freedom and naturalness

Unlike a classic wedding dress with a complex cut, lush skirt and a very open neckline, a wedding dress in the "boho" style emphasizes simplicity and naturalness of the bride.



Lightweight and natural fabrics combined with a simple cut create a delicate and at the same time original look.

It is also worth noting that "boho" is also different in its colour scheme. Pastel shades of materials make the image more relaxed. The decor of such wedding dresses deserves special attention. The most popular decoration elements are:

  • - lace;
  • - embroidery;
  • - appliqués.

Romantic Greek style

If the A-silhouette dress makes the bride feel like a princess, the Greek-style wedding dress will help to create the image of a real goddess. Moreover, such dresses will look great as girls with the figure of "hourglass", and the owners of the figures of "apple", "pear" and even "triangle". After all, at the expense of an overestimated waist and a skirt with drapery it will be possible to hide a belly and volume hips. And at the expense of a sophisticated top you can easily balance out the proportions. 




In the collections of our brand there are stylish zests in this style. For example, a wedding dress with a closed top, decorated with lace. In our assortment, you will also find a satin wedding dress in the Empire style. Its main feature is a removable bolero on a button made of the finest Chantilly. 


Laconic and sophisticated wedding dresses in the style of minimalism help to emphasize the most important thing - the charm of the bride herself. A variety of styles allows you to create the perfect silhouette. And elegant décor in the form of a thin belt combined with a trail will help to create a unique aristocratic festive image.




Be on trend with wedding dresses from Ukrainian manufacturer Nelly White

In order to satisfy the wishes of its potential customers, your salon should have a wide range of outfits in different styles. In addition to classic styles, Greek, minimalism and "boho", particularly popular is a wedding dress in Provence style. And all these models you can order in bulk on our website with delivery.

In addition to a huge selection, we also provide our wholesale customers favorable terms of cooperation. Making an order, you get:

  • - qualified advice from our managers;
  • - wide dimensional grid;
  • - operative performance of the order;
  • - delivery to anywhere in the world.

Develop your wedding business and give the brides a festive atmosphere with the manufacturer Nelly White.


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