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There are hundreds of couples, who are getting married every day around the world; the new happy families appear. All of them, without exception, apart from the solemnity of the event itself, unites one more goal – to look beautiful at that special day.

The most impressive should be the image of the bride, which mainly depends on the wedding dress. In order to satisfy the requests of the most demanding young ladies, the owners of bridal business should understand in which way choose the wedding dresses, on which criteria orientate and how to exceed the competitors with the help of this knowledge. 


It is primarily essential to get the priorities right, while looking for an answer, how exactly your shop will shine out amid the many others. The solution will be successful, if you put the selection of the products, their quality, practicality and, of course, the design at the top place. Exclusivity is the thing, which will make your salon be recognized, popular and successful. The wedding dresses from the manufacturer Nelly White are capable of it.

The selection of bridal outfits is the key indicator of success of the business that is directly related to the field of festive fashion. That is the opinion of the majority of owners of luxurious boutiques, shops and salons, who are trying to maintain their own image, keep the impeccable reputation and at the same time always be in trend. 


They truly know how to form the assortment of products. If the bride’s choice of wedding gown is mainly based on personal preferences and type of figure, then the owner of the business needs to look much more deeper and consider the following advice while selecting the gown into the salon:

  • -          Continually analyze your target audience, its preferences, goals and needs.
  • -          Follow the fashion tendencies, be aware of the latest trends, visit fashion shows and other similar events.
  • -          Look for the best offers that sort with the two main indicators - price and quality.
  • -          Stick to the variety in the selection. It is a bad idea to stint the salon with several models, even if they are popular, as women always need a variety to choose from.
  • -          Find a reliable manufacturer – the brand that will provide the salon with the exclusive outfits.

These recommendations from the bright representatives of the fashion industry can save the precious time of the entrepreneur and create the perfect platform for the fiancées with the most stylish, qualitative and, the most important, unique dresses, which are offered by Nelly White.

Difficulties in choosing the wedding dresses for salon

The majority of the owners of bridal salons face the problem of losing clients or slow brand promotion. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or inexperience and a reluctance to listen to the advice of the fashion guru. 


One of the main and most frequent mistakes that bosses misstep is an orientation exceptionally on their own tastes and an ignorance of the demands of the potential clients. It is highly essential to choose the wedding dresses into salons on the strength of the tastes and wishes of the brides of different age categories.

Other common mistakes:

  • - an inadequate price – this will never happen if you order the gowns from the reliable manufacturer with the transparent pricing policies, democratic and reasonable;
  • - out of fashion models – nowadays, girls want to be in trend, so you should accentuate on fashionable tendencies;
  • - monotonous models – the brides have to have an opportunity to choose from the variety of outfits and styles in order to pitch on the ideal one.

The quality of the creations is the final and decisive moment in the formation of the assortment into the wedding salon. It is highly important to pay particular attention to choosing the supplier of products for your business in order to avoid the major mistake.

The designer’s dresses – the guaranty to your success   

While choosing the company Nelly White for the cooperation, each wholesale customer can find the most beneficial and convenient form of partnership.


All you have to do is decide on the specific flavours, sizes, colors and expect your order within the specified time frame. You will not need to doubt about the exclusivity of the outfits and the fulfilment of all the accompanying obligations by the manufacturer.

Nelly White — надежный свадебный производитель и поставщик!

The successful and fashionable manufacturer and supplier of wedding gowns will take care of the assortment of your boutique or salon, vary the styles of assortment and help to attract the new clients. Each model is a designer’s creation, unique, original and stylish, and follows the latest fashion trends.

We invite the owners of bridal salons, shops and boutiques to cooperate with us. Get acquainted with our online catalogue of outfits, choose your favorites and make your order through the online store with a  subsequent delivery to any corner of the world.


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