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The body type is the main factor on which the girls are orientating while choosing a wedding dress. This is proper, as the same dress can look differently on two different girls: the first one can look like a queen, when the other one, on the contrary, can look unattractive.

Moreover, glossy magazines that show the clothes on the long-legged models, can really confuse. In order not to swallow the bait of your own fantasies and fashionable delusions, it is highly essential to know how to pick a wedding dress for your figure and this requires a wide selection of wedding outfits in a salon. Only by the process of elimination, it will be possible to find wedding dress by body type. If you want your ideal wedding day to become the happiest memory of your life, you should choose wedding dresses from the manufacturer Nelly White, as they are stylish, high quality, unique and perfectly fit to any body type.

On a note: useful information for wedding boutiques and future brides

Picking a wedding dress for your body type is the most important step in the preparation for a celebration. The responsibility of a right decision is lying not only on the bride's shoulders, but at the seller as well. It is necessary to offer a customer a wide assortment of dresses of different styles, in order to make a client be fully satisfied with her reflection in the mirror. It is clear that a bride comes to a salon with a well-thought-out plan of action and an outfit drawn in her imagination, but the statistics show that 80% of clients buy the exact opposite model of the one they wanted to buy initially. The secret is hidden in body type, which is often ignored by most people.

In order to be able to offer the ladies a worthy choice, Nelly White offers exclusive wedding dresses wholesale for salons, shops and boutiques at a reasonable price. A variety of styles, high quality and stylish trendy designs – that's what will win over any bride’s heart.

How to pick the right wedding dress for your figure

When you go to the dress fitting, you should be realistic about your appearance. We are talking about body type. Each female body type is unique, has its own advantages and if you represent it in a correct way, it will certainly splash among men. Plump ladies of "apple shape" are kind of curvy and attractive in many ways. Likewise, thin girls of the "rectangle shape", even though they do not have convex shapes, they definitely can boast slender legs for days and a flat stomach. Therefore, in the question of how to select a wedding dress for your body type, it is necessary to determine the features of your build in the right way.

It is no big deal, if you cannot decide on your body type out of six existing: apple, pear, triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass shapes. In this case, specialists in the salon will come to the rescue, as they will determine the features of the figure and tell you how to pick a wedding dress for your body type in order to emphasize all its advantages and hide possible disadvantages.

The models of wedding dress styles by body type

There are six figure types. Each has its own unique features, which help to identify that a girl belongs to one category or another. The choice of dress directly depends on this criterion, if, of course, you want to get the perfect outfit for your wedding. It will be easier to find wedding dresses by body type in the salon, due to a wide range of products that are created in different styles. Nelly White is the manufacturer of exclusive dresses, which offers stylish ideas for the outfits for the brides of all body type:

1. - Wedding dress for a pear body type – the aim is not to draw attention to the wide hips and balance them with the upper body. These should be dresses with puffy or long lace sleeves, dropped shoulders, and an embroidered corset. The ideal gown for a pear body type is A-line dress, as it helps to visually stretch the figure and hide wide hips.

wedding dresses by body type


2. - Wedding dress for an apple body type – ladies with an ample bosom, a proportional line of shoulders and hips, along with a weakly expressed waistline and slender legs, should not choose dresses made of light flying fabrics, as they add volume. However, tight dense materials are also prohibited. The most successful decision will be a cloth with section seams located vertically. According to the recommendations of fashion experts, the best wedding gown for the apple body type is in Empire style or Greek style.

wedding dress styles by body type

3. - The outfits for brides with an hourglass body type – this type of silhouette is characterized by an almost flatline of shoulders, hips and chest. Otherwise, its owners have a wasp waist, which makes their figure very attractive. You can experiment with different styles, but wedding dresses in the Mermaid, A-line, or V-neck styles are considered as the best choices for hourglass shape

find wedding dress by body type

4. - Wedding dresses for a triangle body type – this type is similar to a "pear" shape, that is why the features of choosing a style are similar. The bride can boast of wide hips and a narrow waist. Wedding dresses for a triangle figure are A-line or moderately puffy models.

how to pick a wedding dress for your figure

5. - Wedding dresses for brides with an inverted triangle body type – young ladies with massive shoulders, narrow hips, flat buttock and a poorly defined waistline. With an eye to show the femininity of girls of this body type, models with an open back and corset, but with closed shoulders and minimal bodice trim will help. The bottom of dresses can be of any splendor. The Mermaid model is considered as the ideal one.

how to pick the right wedding dress for your figure

6. - Wedding dress for the rectangle body type - girls with approximately equal parameters of shoulders, hips and waist. So a variety of models from all existing styles are suitable for them. Low-waisted wedding dress for the "rectangle" figure is recommended only for tall girls. Experts advise taking a closer look at models with a round or V-neck line, but abandon an excessively low neckline, shoulder pads and a straight cut.

picking a wedding dress for your body type


Find a wedding dress by body type is not such an easy task. But you can simplify your life if you go to a professional salon with a wide range of beautiful exclusive wedding dresses.

You should select your wedding dress to your body type to impress guests with your femininity and elegance. 


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