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Every year, designers of wedding dresses delight girls with new fresh solutions, which are in abundance of all possible hot trends. Many fashion houses have already presented their collections to the world and brides have begun to storm the salons offering wedding dresses 2021 - trends that have been appreciated and supported by fashion experts.

Now the difficulties of every bride are to choose one single model among the huge assortment. Looking through wedding dresses from the manufacturer Nelly White, you can be confident that you will definitely find the perfect wedding dress!

So, what is so fresh, eccentric and unique that the gurus of the fashion industry offer us in the new year:

  • - «Mermaid» with a voluminous tulle bottom. More lace, more ruffles, more decor to delight others and get the most spectacular photo session of your life;
  • - minimalism and conciseness – we warn you that wedding trends in 2021 can amaze you with their diversity! Next to the expressive outfit with a bunch of frills and rich decor, there can be a straight-cut dress in a monochromatic design made of iridescent stretch satin with long sleeves without a single superfluous detail. And the latter can completely outshine luxury and chic, because it looks excellent;
  • - a sea of lace and an ocean of chiffon – a trendy combination in the world of wedding fashion;
  • - short dresses embroidered with sequins and beads are hits among decorative elements. They look spectacular in mini wedding outfits and are used by designers for embroidering a corset with a transition of the pattern to half or a third of the skirt and to the sleeves.
  • - transformer dresses – the bride gets the opportunity to be different during the entire wedding celebration. A long dress will turn into a short one, as a long billowy train can be easily removed and you will stay in a straight minimalistic outfit.


These are the main wedding dress trends of 2021 – intriguing, impressive and awakening in girls the desire to amaze and delight.

If you are the owner of a wedding business – a boutique, shop, salon, atelier, a wedding dress factory, then you have come to the right place.

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Top 7 trends in wedding dresses

Every bride wants to find her perfect dress. At the same time, she tries not to lose sight of current trends, because she wants to be beautiful, stylish and unique. Let's get acquainted with the wedding trends of 2021, which are offered by world designers:

  1. 1. Deep and bold cutouts on the back look beautifully in the collections of such famous brands as Berta and Lihi Hod. The open backs look amazing with the closed front of the dress. Quirky square shapes, deep triangles and wide ovals are becoming hits in the new season. The cutouts are complemented by inserts of ribbons, huge bows, beaded threads and lace elements. More extraordinary is better.

  2. 2. Transparent inserts – just look at wedding dresses 2021 fashion trends photos and the question of where exactly the designers use these elements will disappear by itself. Inserts made of transparent fabric flaunt on the sleeves, on the back, in the neckline, along the length of the corset. Such elements give the image of mystery, make it especially delicate and touching. The dresses will appeal to modest girls who want to dress up in stylish luxurious outfits, but at the same time feel comfortable in them.

    Fashion Wedding Dresses 2021
  3. 3. Perfect cutting-out and clear lines – the brides will be able to discover new sides of traditional outfits by choosing classic silhouettes. Minimalism in A-silhouettes and straight cut models is the highest level of aesthetics. Discreet, stylish, luxurious. These are royal outfits for ladies who are confident in themselves and their irresistibility.

    Wedding Trends 2021
  4. 4. Long train – wedding fashion trends in 2021 are full of photos with all kinds of trains. The long hem of the dress remains a hit. This element was effectively embodied in their works by designers Blammo Biamo, Ange Etoiles, Natalia Romanova and Nelly White.

  5. 5. Voluminous sleeves are an undoubted trend. They look gorgeous on models with lowered shoulders. Puff sleeves delight fashionistas all over the world, as they really look great. Dresses with transparent airy sleeves flaunt in almost every collection of world designers.

    bridal gowns trends 2021
  6. 6. Luxurious satin outfits. Satin – №1 material that opens the wedding trends of 2021. This trend looks impressive in Anne Barge, Sareh Nouri and Nelly White brands. Satin dresses of a straight cut or A-line dresses with voluminous sleeves are at the peak of popularity.

    bridal dresses trends 2021
  7. 7. Elegant luxurious minimalism – graceful outfits without unnecessary decor and trimmings, with long sleeves or straps with a square neckline. If you want to arrange a classic celebration, then this solution is the best for you.

    fashionable wedding dresses 2021

Stay on top of new wedding dress trends with Nelly White

Each bride, despite the many worries and chores in preparation for the wedding, pays special attention to the choice of a wedding gown. Of course, it would be much better to try on several trendy models in one place and thereby save time.

The collection by Nelly White «Only Imagine», which brings together the trends of wedding dresses 2021, will become a paradise for brides, where there is everything at once: minimalism, voluminous sleeves, translucent inserts, original cutouts on the back, deep neckline, Mermaid and  A-line styles, open shoulders, falling straps, satin models, lace fitted sleeves.

Embroidery with sequins, beads and volumetric flowers is made by hand, so that each outfit is unique in its design.

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