How to increase sales in a bridal salon: practical tips

An analysis of the wedding dress market in 2020 shows that an impressive percentage of brides remain dissatisfied with the services of salons. They argue their dissatisfaction with the fact that the companies' proposals are far from their requests.

The bride's outfit is only a part of her image. In addition, there are shoes, accessories, jewelry and even perfume. In order to no longer worry about how to attract clients to a wedding salon, you need to offer them a full range of goods and services. A girl must be confident that by visiting one particular store, she will be able to find in it everything that she needs to create a complete image. And it will be unnecessary for her to go to other salons in search of harmonious shoes and jewelry for an already purchased dress.

how to increase sales in a wedding salon

It will be useful to familiarize yourself with the latest research by marketers, which covers exclusively the market share dedicated to the wedding dresses and accessories in order to find out the reasons for customer churn, the main mistakes that competitors make and the desires of potential customers. This will be the key to the "secret door" leading to a successful wedding business. And it is also necessary to purchase beautiful wedding dresses wholesale in a large assortment so that the clients have plenty to choose from, as well as offer them pleasant bonuses in honor of a special day.

how to attract customers to a wedding salon

No sales in the bridal salon?

Competition in the wedding business is getting tougher and the demand for goods and services is falling rapidly. Companies of the middle and economy segments are already thinking not only about how to increase sales in the bridal salon, but also about survival in the current conditions. To stay afloat, you need to learn from mistakes. And it is better to learn not from your own mistakes, but from the failures of competitors.

 to increase sales in the bridal salon

What are we doing wrong?

An entrepreneur who knows exactly how to increase sales of a wedding salon and survive in the conditions of existing competition:

  • - uses search query analysis;
  • - studies its target audience, knows its detailed characteristics;
  • - controls the assortment of goods, dividing it by price segments, styles, brands, and so on;
  • - maintains a list of offers that each client can see on the site and which she will be interested in from the first seconds;
  • - constantly supplements the list of services with new relevant offers;
  • - follows trends.

It is highly important to create high-quality content on a website and social media accounts to promote wedding products and services. Ignoring these points is a big mistake, which is made not only by newbie salons, but also by businesses that have been on the market for a long time without visible growth.

how to increase the revenue of a wedding salon

How to attract clients to a wedding salon – effective tips

On the entrepreneurs’ questions about how to increase the revenue of a wedding salon, marketing experts recommend relying on offers. It is important to create an attractive offer for the client. It is different for each business segment:

  1. 1. For the luxury category – the uniqueness,the exclusivity and the introduction of the latest trends are important.
  2. 2. For the middle segment – the best quality-price ratio.
  3. 3. For the category ‘economy’ – a budget.

Many salons that find themselves on the brink of ruin simply do not take into account the needs of their target customer. You must first define the segment of the consumer, and then his needs and desires. Other growth points include:

  • - selling not properties, but benefits of a product - customers need to understand how the product will be useful to them and whether it will be able to satisfy their needs;
  • - working with a customer base, it is the same target audience. By understanding who you are working with, it will be easier to understand what you need to offer them;
  • - a rich and well-chosen assortment – girls should be able to try on different styles in order to find the ideal option for their body type, personal preferences and financial capabilities. Here are three criteria that the client primarily focuses on.

If these points are not taken into consideration, there will be no sales in the bridal salon. It's as simple as that.

no sales at the wedding salon

What brides want: points of growth or additional services in wedding salons

Modern ladies are quite demanding when it comes to purchasing a bride's outfit. They are more likely to choose a company that, in addition to wedding clothes, will be able to offer a number of other services:

  • - rental of dresses;
  • - stylist help;
  • - fitting at home;
  • - trimming of outfits;
  • - storage of outfits until the moment of celebration;
  • - steaming;
  • - delivery of goods to the address;
  • - selection of accessories;
  • - veil as a gift;
  • - unique models;
  • - payment by instalments;
  • - prompt selection of the outfit for the figure
  • - discounts.

Many bridal salon owners simply underestimate the importance of a stylishly equipped and comfortable fitting space. Wearing voluminous or fragile delicate outfits with lace sleeves or transparent inserts is not an easy task. The client should feel at home so that she feels comfortable and does not want to quickly leave the fitting room and the salon itself.


In the fitting room, there must be large full-length mirrors so that the bride can see herself from any angle. Lighting plays an important role as well. It should be natural, hiding light skin imperfections and not distorting the figure in the reflection of the mirror.

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